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Nepal Dog Treat produces

the world's finest all-natural Himalayan cheese (Chhurpi)

dog treats.

We invite you to navigate our site to learn about our unique company, its products, and production process.

The Perfect Treat

  • All-Natural Ingredients

  • No Preservatives or Additives

  • HIGH in Protein

  • LOW in Fat

  • Grain/Gluten/GMO Free

  • Soy Free, Rawhide Free

  • Neutral, Smoky Taste

  • No Bad Odor

  • No Splintering or Staining​

  • Microwave Safe

  • Long -Lasting

Dogs love the taste, smell, and texture of hard cheese!

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All-Natural Cheese Dog Treats

Hard Chews pacify your dog for hours

Crunchy Puffs are a healthy snack & training treat

The cheese, called Chhurpi, is made of all-natural ingredients using only yak and cow milk. Small amounts of salt and citrus are used to  facilitate the cheese formation and ripening. Chhurpi is made in the eastern Himalayan highlands using traditional and farming and cheese production techniques.

Chhurpi otherwise known as durkha and chogo or chugo is a traditional cheese consumed in B


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Healthful Benefits

  • Improves health of teeth and gums

  • Improves oral and mental health

  • Helps prevents behavior problems, such as chewing unhealthy objects

  • Provides wholesome protein, carbohydrate and fat

​Chhurpi has many health and nutritional benefits to pets. It consists of protein, fat and other minerals like calcium and phosphorus. It is rich in energy and provides a large amount of protein and and a low amount of fat.


Chhurpi is also a generous source of vitamins like vitamin B6, vitamin B12, and folic acid. In addition, lactose is lower in churrpi as bacterial action converts it to lactic acid during cheese making and fermentation. Therefore, it can be easily consumed by dogs with lactose intolerance.

Balanced Nutrition

Our cheesy treats are packed with protein and omega-3s

Our products are tested by the leading ISO certified lab in Nepal

Proximate analysis:

Crude Protein Min. 

Crude Fat Min.

Crude Fiber Max.

Moisture Max.

Ash Max.

70 % 

3.8 %

.4 %


5.9 %

Approximately 90 calories per ounce of cheese.

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