Nepal Dog Treat began as two graduate students at The George Washington University in Washington DC, Barry and Govinda, worked on a dog breed image classification problem using Artificial Intelligence.  As they discussed their affection for dogs and past pets, Govinda spoke enthusiastically about all-natural Chhurpi - a Nepali hard cheese from Yak’s milk that had been introduced in the USA as a dog chew treat.  

Finishing their MS degrees in 2019 with both also having business experience in IT and Education, they decided to embark on new venture -- providing nutritious and all-natural products for pets.

Nepal Dog Treat (NDT)  manufactures, distributes, and sells 100% all-natural dog treats made from Chhurpi hard cheese.

  • NDT is based in Virginia, USA with production facilities in Kathmandu, Nepal 

  • Our team has over 5 years of experience crafting all-natural dog treat products from Yak cheese

  • NDT has strong ties to the most reliable and highest quality eastern Himalayan farmers and their products 

  • We do not source from wholesalers, resellers, or monolithic dairy co-ops

  • NDT is not a repackager or repurchaser - quality is top priority! 

Barry Blackburn is from Virginia Beach and grew up in a US Navy family with multiple pets.  His father trained Labrador and Brittany spaniel retrievers during the “Ken-L Ration dog food generation.”  Barry worked in the IT industry for 30 years as a software developer and executive. He holds a BS in Economics fromVirginia Tech and MS in Data Science from GWU.  


Barry is a dog lover whose favorites include Shepherds and Jack Russells.  He donates to several animal rescue shelters in the DC area, and is a strong believer in natural products for pets.  He is also an amateur guitarist and enjoys reading about music, business, and economics.

Govinda Banjade is from Nepal and grew up in the foothills of Mt.Everest. His diverse life experiences include rearing pets and teaching at college level. As an entrepreneur, and currently a data science professional, he has a passion for business ethics and exceptional approaches to customer care.  In 2013, he was awarded with the ''Best Customer Care Benchmarks'' recognition by ECAN- Educational Consultancies Association of Nepal for best counseling and guidance service to aspiring MBA graduates. He loves innovation and believes in the power of listening to others and sincerity at work.  He graduated from GWU with a MS in Data Science and holds an MBA in Finance.


Govinda has reared two large Tibetan Mastiffs and has spent many hours tending to needs of dogs - food, foot care, grooming, and recreation. His favorite past times include  traveling, volleyball, and social gatherings. 

Operating Principles​

  • NDT is an artisan producer focused solely on providing all- natural pet products of the highest quality and value with ingredients from Nepal.

  • We maintain relationships of great integrity and mutual respect with our customers, the farming communities in Nepal, our employees, and vendors.

  • We source and manufacture dog chews with only premium quality and A-grade Yak cheese.

  • We provide promotional and financial support to animal rescue and adoption organizations in the markets we serve.

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