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  • NDT Chews are handmade in Nepal. Are they safe for my dog?
    100%! NDT chews are inspected prior to export by Nepal's Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development - Department of Food Technology and Quality Control. NDT chew ingredients have been tested by the New Jersey Feed Lab (NJFL) and guaranteed acceptable to standards set by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO).
  • What are the ingredients in NDT Natural Chews?
    NDT chews contain only three (3) all-natural ingredients: Yak and Cow milk, Salt , Lime juice. There are no other ingredients. NO gluten and grains; NO preservatives, artificial coloring or flavoring, chemicals, or additives; and NO lactose or binding agents. On average, NDT chews consist of 60% Yak milk and are 2-3 times harder than human bone.
  • What are the benefits of NDT Natural Chews to my dog's health?
    NDT chews provide oral/dental, mental, and muscular health benefits to your dog. Oral: NDT chews improve breath odor, teeth, and gums. Heart: Yak cheese has 3 times more Omega-3 fatty acids than regular cheddar cheese. Mental: Engaged chewing improves attention, focus, and promotes serenity and calm. Muscular: Each NDT chew contains nutrients such as protein, carbohydrates, and fats. Financial: NDT chews are long lasting and have a 2-3 year shelf life! They also redirect your dog's unhealthy chewing practices like, gnawing on clothes or furniture, to a healthy experience.
  • Where and How are NDT Natural Chews made?
    NDT chews are created by farmers in community co-ops located in the Himalayas (Eastern Nepal) where they use traditional, centuries-old techniques to make raw cheese. Pasteurization Yak and cow milk is boiled for hours and then poured into a customary barrel which is cranked by human hand to extract the majority of the fat content. After the fat-free milk has cooled, a dose of lime juice and salt is added - about 10-15 mil per 400 litres of milk. This coagulates the milk and, in time, solids form and are separated using a jute or burlap sack. The sack is washed with warm water multiple times to remove the whey (lactose content), salt, and the lime juice. Smoking & Aging The product of this venerable, bespoke process is hand pressed in wooden vise for 2-3 days forming a soft cheese which is placed over wood fire where it is smoked and fermented. The cheese is then kneaded, partitioned, and molded by hand into appropriate sizes. Finally, the cheese is dried in the sun for 2-3 months to achieve the perfect hardness and texture for your dog's chewing enjoyment. Important: The hue and texture of individual NDT chews will vary due to this traditional and natural process. Cleaning, Cutting, & Finishing
  • Is NDT "just another" packager and reseller of Himalayan Dog Chews?"
    NO! Nepal Dog Treat is an independent manufacturer and seller of the originial and traditional recipe Himalayan Natural Dog Chew. NDT partners directly with its sister company in Nepal, Global Dog Chew, Pvt. Ltd., to bring this 100% naturally made treat to the USA. This is our ONLY business - we are solely focused on providing the freshest product at highest quality levels. NDT via Global Dog Chew maintains trustworthy and productive relationships with the dairy farming communities in Nepal. We are not bulk resellers and we do not deal in sub-standard or scrap product.
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