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Nepal Dog Treat dog chews are premium 100% all-natural products crafted by hand in Nepal. Our chews are made of hard, smoked cheese (Chhurpi) produced in eastern Himalaya.  The cheese is made from the milk of free range yak & chauri using ancient and organic techniques.


NDT chews are easily digested and provide a long-lasting and wholesome chewing experience for your dog.

  • All-Natural Hard Cheese Chew Bars & Crunchy Puffs

  • Promotes Strong Teeth & Gums

  • Pacifies for Hours

  • Provides Nutrients, Omega-3s

  • High in Protein, Low in Fat

  • Grain/Gluten/GMO Free

  • Very Low Lactose

  • Neutral - Sweet & Smoky Taste

  • No Bad Odor

  • No Splintering or Staining

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Made to Order

  • Branded

  • Bulk

  • Private Label

  • Generic Label

Priced to Order

  • Sized

  • Mass Quantity

  • Packaging 

  • Casing

  • FOB or Delivered to WH

Our integrated operation and product focus enables us to produce and deliver large quantities of high-quality Chhurpi.

We are capable of providing product under our own brand, NDT - Nepal Dog Treat, generic, or private labeling. We can also supply dog treat products in bulk form.

Our value  is driven by our ability to reliably provide high volumes of these unique and highly demanded pet treats from Himalaya while managing the complexities of foreign production, and do this at a cost that enables end-sellers to provide powerful value to their customers - especially with respect to competitive offerings of the same or similar products.

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