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Nepal Dog Treat's (NDT) mission is to improve the lives of people and their pets by providing wholesome all-natural dog treats crafted from dried Himalayan cheese (Chhurpi).

How? Our team has more than a decade's experience crafting dog treat products from Chhurpi. Our production expertise, ISO certifications, sound financials, and strong relationships with Nepali dairies differentiates Nepal Dog Treat from its competitors!

NDT manages the entire product life cycle: sales and product support, Nepali dairy sourcing, dog treat production, quality control, logistics, and distribution. 

Barry Blackburn and Govinda Banjade founded NDT in 2019 upon their graduation from the Data Science masters program at The George Washington University in DC.   

Prior to their meeting at GWU, Barry was a career software developer and executive in technology services, and Govinda owned and operated and education services consultancy in Nepal for over a decade.  

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With a goal of creating the best Chhurpi dog treat manufacturer, Govinda and Barry, along with their families, established Global Dog Chew (GDC) in Nepal. 

​​GDC is the exclusive manufacturer of dog chew products for NDT, and NDT is the exclusive global distributor of these products outside of Nepal. The foundation for this arrangement is built on family relations, a contractual alliance, and jointly developed Quality Control/HACCP and Recall plans.

GDC and NDT operate as a single business entity. This relationship ensures the alignment of financial, product quality, and customer objectives.

Global Dog Chew

Global Dog Chew Pvt. Ltd. is a proven leader in manufacturing Yak Cheese Himalayan Dog Chews. Our end-to-end process encompasses sourcing A–Grade cheese from Himalayan dairies, crafting dog treats including chew bars and crunchy puffs, packaging products, and safely shipping our final products to customers.


GDC has established operations based on Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), food safety management, and a robust quality monitoring system. This has enabled us to become one of the finest and safest yak cheese dog chews producers in the world.


Before shipping, our products undergo multiple checks and balances throughout our production process and the products are tested by several parties, including: ‘Government of Nepal, Ministry Of Agriculture and Livestock Development’, Government Of Nepal, National Food and Feed Reference Laboratory and by our third party laboratory partner, who is ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited.



Chhurpi is the hardest cheese known in the world. It is made in the mountain region of Nepal by coagulating milk with citrus and salt and draining the whey from the milk of Yaks, Chauris, Cows, and Buffaloes.




Nepal Dog Treat's Chhurpi is made in Nepal's eastern Himalayas using a traditional Nepalese recipe and sustainable production methods. It contains just yak and cow milk, citrus, and salt as ingredients.  

This hard cheese provides a wholesome and protein-rich treat that is popular with due to its shelf-life and nutritional value.

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  • NDT is focused solely on providing all-natural pet products of the highest quality and value with ingredients from Nepal.

  • We maintain relationships of great integrity and mutual respect with our customers, the farming communities in Nepal, our employees, and vendors.

  • We source and manufacture dog chews with only premium quality and A-grade Yak cheese.

  • We provide promotional and financial support to animal rescue and adoption organizations in the markets we serve.

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